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This wiki is not supported by the maker of IndustrialCraft, Albalka.THIS WIKI IS NOT OFFICIAL! IndustrialCraft is a modification for Minecraft, giving SinglePlayer items that improve the speed and efficiency of doing normal tasks, such as smelting or mining.

Note that there IS a multiplayer version of this mod included in the Technic pack (tekkit is the MP version you're after)


The core of the mod is Energy Units, EUs for short, these are created by various types of generators, sent through cables of avrying models and power capacity. (EUs can also be carried in Batteries, though it takes time getting it to the desired machine)

On the recieving end, a vast quantity of machines and equippable tools are avaliable to make use of the EUs by performing various tasks; smelting (faster than a stone furnace), canning (allows compact storage of food), OR just helping with everyday problems like climbing a mountain (The time you use to read this sentence is equivalent to the time it takes to fly bedrock-sky limit with a jetpack), or everyday mining (One press of the trigger and your mining laser will have removed 16 blocks in a direction of your choice.

Just for fun you could go rogue and let the terror rain on an NPC village, (or a player village if you have tekkit and are playing on a PvP server), with a combo of mining lasers and a jetpack. Or place some Tesla coils under a griefer's home, or in a pig farm, allowing industrial-scale pork distibution for you and your friend's homes, or perhaps the entire server if you can get enough EUs to transport it all. (Please note that a diet of pure pork will cause death within 5 years for a normal human, thankfully, player avatars aren't human).

There's one catch however. Few servers use this mod alone, most use alot of other mods aswell. To find a server that certainly DOES use industrialcraft, and most likely alot of other stuff, search for servers with TEKKIT. When you find one, go to the homepage of the tekkit pack, here:

download the launcher and select tekkit from the mod list.

For a currently uneditable wiki with all the facts for IC on, go here:

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